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The first core group Slama was created by Mr Brahim Slama in the 30s, when it launches the first unit extraction of olive oil and soap for green households.

Today, the Group operates in several sectors of industry and services, particularly in agribusiness, commercial representation, international trade and real estate development.

The growth pattern of the group is based on a goal of international development.

  •  Slama Frères –(Slama Brothers)

  •  Nejma oils (Slama Brothers)


Vegetable oil refining

Manufacture of vegetable fats.

Soap Making

Conditioning oils

  •  GIAS (General Industrial Food Slama)


Manufacture of butter and margarine.

Manufacture of ingredients for bakery and pastry.

  • ZITA of Edible Oils


Packaging  seed oils and olive oils.

Marketing brands Zita, La Colombe, and Barka.

  • MIB (Industrial and Office Equipment)



Representation of several well known international brands for equipment for textiles; industrial marking, office equipment and mobile telephony (Brother, BenQ, Siemens Gigasets, Sony Ericson, ZSK and Videojet)

  • GIMS (Generale Immobiliere Slama – Slama Real Estate Co.)

Activity: real estate promotion

  • STAF (Slama Technique Avancee du Froid  -  Slama Advanced Cooling Technique ) 

Activity: industrial cooling and air conditioning

  • GEI (Generale des Echanges Internationaux – International trade Co) and BRASLAM

Activity: international trade and trading co.


 Activity:  fixed capital investment co;

  •  GIAS Distribution (Distribution Co.)
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