Maize Oil

Carefully selected for you; the Nejma maize oil has a high vitamin E content to enhance your health. In cooking or for flavouring, Nejma maize oil brings some sunshine into your dishes.

Maize oil is recommended for a low cholesterol diet.

Consumed regularly, maize oil helps to lower the cholesterol level.

PET bottles: 1 litre, 1.8 l; 2 l, 3 l, 5 l

Keep in a cool dry place

Keep for maximum 2 years

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is classified amongst the highly polyunsaturated oils rich in omega 6. It thus provides essential fatty acids for a healthy body. Nejma Sunflower Oil is light and fluid and enhances your dishes and it is also multi-purpose.

Soya Oil

Nejma soya oil in the kitchen

It comes from soya seeds, has a pale amber colour and a very thick consistency. It is excellent table oil. It can be used daily, either raw or for cooking and is a healthy oil due to its omega 3. It is also associated with a healthy life style.


1 litre, 1.8 l; 2, 3 and 5 litres PET bottles .


others: depending on client’s request (in bulk, drum, oil cans) .

Keep at ambient temperature.

Use by date

To be consumed preferably 2 years after production date .

Oil for frying

The NEJMA PRO formula makes it possible to get your frying done without bad smells and gives a nice golden colour to your fried foods whilst preserving their natural colour.

0.10% free fatty acids (expressed as oleic acid )
ISO 660
Peroxide index
2 meq/kg max
NFT 60 - 220
Colour (LOVIBOND )
red 2.5 max.
AOCS Cc 13c-92
Taste & colour
Impurities & Volatile substances
0.2% Max
ISO 663 et ISO 672
2 p.p.m Max
NF T 60-227 : 1969
<1.5 mg/Kg
AOCS Ca 15-75
<0.1 mg/Kg
AOCS Ca 15-75
<0.1 mg/Kg
AOCS Ca 15-75
<0.1 mg/Kg
AOCS Ca 15-75