The Slama Group

The first nucleus of the Slama group was set up by Mr. Brahim Slama in the 1930s when he launched the first olive oil extraction and household green soap production unit.

Today the Group is present in several sectors of the industry and services, especially in the agro-food sector, commercial representation , international trade and in real estate promotion. Read More...

Nejma Huiles

Nejma Huiles (formerly Etablissements Slama Freres) are in the Oued Ellil region, in the Manouba governorate, 11 km from Tunis, and are a company set up in 1972 by the following founders:

  • Mr Mohamed Slama
  • Mr Ali Slama
  • Mr Abdelhakim Slama

Nejma Huiles

Right at the beginning of its activity; Nejma Huiles were amongst the great specialists in the refining and packaging of oils under the �NEJMA� brand name, the production of vegetable oils and the production of the household green soap commercialized under the �ROYAL� brand name.

The factory covers 5 ha (13 000 m2 built-up) and today has over 330 employees.

The factory has an ultra modern research and development and quality control laboratory.

Legal status: Ltd (resident co.)

Belonging to a group: SLAMA GROUP

Permanent staff: 330

Present company capital: 11 340 000 MD

Turnover: 100 million Dinars in 2008

The turnover of the Etablissements SLAMA FRERES has been constantly on the increase. EVOLUTION OF TURNOVER

Our values

Human capital, knowledge and ethics are our principles:
Contributing towards the success of our clients:

we believe that as partners our clients deserve to make a positive business experience and should always be our priority in everything we do and in all our decisions.


Our values

We believe that our employees are our most valuable asset:

we must ensure for our employees a pleasant and safe working environment based on respect for the individual, mutual trust and zealousness.

Offer products which exceed our clients� expectations:

our products stand out because they are easy to install; safe and quality products.

We create value for all our partners:

: clients; employees and their families, shareholders and suppliers.

We are a good corporate citizen:

we respect the environment and we support the social work in which our employees are involved.

We constantly seek improvement:

we want to be agile and effective.

Our activities

A market leader, it has three specialized industrial units:

  • 1. refining, packaging and commercialisation of vegetable oils for consumers.
  • 2. packaging and commercialisation of liquid oils using formulas suitable for the needs of professionals .
  • 3. the design; production and commercialisation of household soap .

Equipements et installations

The oil packaging unit set up in 2003 has a completely automated high-tech system comprising the following stages:

With the blowers the preforming units mould the pre-programmed bottles As for the filling unit, the refined liquid oil comes from the intermediate storage which is controlled by the laboratory, filtered and the oil is then bottled.


Equipements et installations

These bottles are hermetically sealed, labelled and marked and depending on the client� choice, are bundled and/or placed in cartons, marked and palletted.

Great strides have been made with food safety at NEJMA HUILES (former Etablissements Slama Freres) and the HACCP system has been set up to ensure the management of food safety.

A shelf storage system has been designed for a nominal storage capacity of 1700 tons.

The cristallisation unit is the refined vegetable fats production unit as per the specifications of our clients who include professionals and biscuit, chocolate, confectionery and gelling agents industries both on the local market and abroad. NEJMA HUILES (former Etablissements Slama Freres) is today better known in view of a perpetually expanding market and even beyond our national frontiers.

The soap factory has a great annual production capacity. There is permanent and strict control both upstream and downstream to ensure total quality control.

NEJMA HUILES, former Etablissements Slama Freres, has diversified its range of the �Royal� brand in order to respond to the new requirements of the distribution networks such as the wholesalers, large and medium sized supermarkets and the export market.